Priorswood Cooks!

Priorswood is a community of people of all ages and ethnicity. Each family has its favourite dishes, sometimes handed down from earlier generations, something that can be rustled up in a hurry, or a tasty treat that watches the pennies. Contributions came from those who use or visit the Priorswood Community Centre, and all recipes included herein might appeal to young cooks as well as old hands at the culinary art. None of the items included have been tested by anyone except the contributor, which means many quantities have not been included initially. A rough guide to the amounts has therefore been suggested from similar recipes, but may need some adjustment according to individual taste and the quality of ingredients chosen. However, several recipes have been thoroughly tried and tested by professional chefs, retired or currently employed. This book is a testament to all of Priorswood's people, amateur and professional, novice or expert, as Priorswood Cooks!
ISBN: 9781803026701
Type: Paperback
Pages: 96
Published: 18 November 2022
Price: $6.87

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