Purpose-Driven Life-Changing Tool

SIXTH SENSE THINKING, BEYOND LIMITS ! Crack the code of effective thinking, and change the playing field to gain competitive advantage over your competitors. Think of the number of times a carefully thought out question or enquiry helped to effectively bring solution to some outstanding problems. Think of what your life, career, business , family life or creative potential could become only if you could ask the right questions. Here in your hands, and before your very eyes is the life empowerment that is guaranteed to help take your life to the next level. By correctly applying The Six Wise Hats System, there is no end to the power you have to radically transform your life, and escalate your potential to the next level. You would achieve a high performance in any area of your life in which you may choose to apply this life-changing tool. No more excuses of not having the right type of education, or coming from a privileged background. Right now, you can bootstrap your way to high performance by the correct application of The Six Wise Hats System. This is a personal empowerment tool like no other. Buy this book.
ISBN: 9781781764275
Type: Paperback
Pages: 246
Published: 8 June 2012
Price: $16.11

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