Purpose-Driven Promise

DISCOVER YOUR UNIQUE DESTINY Do you know that you were born to make impact in life, to touch other people’s lives in a way that no other person would ever be able to do? Do you know that life is of no meaning until you begin to recognise, and tap into the powerful purpose for which God has uniquely created you. This book is a resource for all incurable dreamers, and for anyone who really wants to make impact in the lives of others, and who are equally determined to lift humanity out of the prevailing climate of spiritual darkness, socio-economic and political quagmires which have been unleashed on a desperate and unsuspecting world. Every passing moment presents us with a wonderful opportunity to do something great, and to make progress in the direction of our dreams, and goals. This book is a worthwhile resource companion for encouragement, motivation, and positivity. It will help to stand you in good stead at all times.
ISBN: 9781781764305
Type: Paperback
Pages: 336
Published: 8 June 2012
Price: $20.95

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