Rendezvous In Paris

INTRODUCING HEIDI FUCHS - FRANCE May 1940 - The German blitzkrieg sweeps through an unprepared French army, destroying everything in its path, Paris itself will fall soon. But there’s another prize on offer - a prize that might just win the war. A vital piece of electronic equipment, crucial to the development of radar has been lost in the panic. Both sides know about it - both sides want it. On one side; a crack team of Nazi experts determined to be first on the scene. Up against them, an equally formidable British team, but their plane is shot down en route. The sole survivor being the oldest member, retired scientist Sir Freddy Villiers. MI6 know that, on his own, Sir Freddy hasn’t a hope and they order him home. Unfortunately, Sir Freddy lacks the experience to see just how bad things are and decides to go it alone. Time to meet Heidi Fuchs – a beautiful, ruthless and lethal Nazi. You really don’t want her as your enemy. Freddy doesn’t stand a chance – does he? “A brilliant cast of believable characters in a frantic chase through war torn France.” “Pure entertainment, a memorably good read.”
ISBN: 9781781769560
Type: Paperback
Pages: 352
Published: 31 January 2019
Price: $12.95

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