Rude Awakening

"They were either going to install me as the Arch Druid, or they had something of a sacrificial nature in mind. Perhaps I should tell them I wasn't a virgin." He already knew his cancer was terminal and lying in hospital, finally surrendering to the morphine, Michael accepts that he is dying. But suddenly it's all gone wrong - he's awake when he should be dead, and in a place he's never seen before. Is this just the random sparking of failing brain cells before the last goodbye? Is this what death feels like? Out of place and out of time - even realising that he is still alive doesn't do him any good. He is at the wrong end of an impossible journey, in a society untouched by civilisation So much is different, so many things aren't there. But human emotions never change and that's the problem. "Tangled and dangerous relationships in a sweeping saga of conflict, betrayal and discovery. As seen through the eyes of an ironic and devious observer." Carfax Reviews
ISBN: 9781907986086
Type: Paperback
Pages: 412
Published: 25 November 2010
Price: $14.45

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