Reparation Man

An innocent bystander, therefore witness, is shot and dies as she stumbles across a gangland killing. Her boyfriend, Grant Walker, fails to come to terms with her loss and tries to escape familiar places but the demons and memories continue to chase him. He joins the army hoping a more exacting physical lifestyle will help. during his service he sees live action and qualifies as a military freefall parachutist, leaving at the end of a four year contract. Back on home turf he resumes working for his father installing bespoke safes and security systems, then much to his parent's anguish he adds BASE jumping to his skillset. Moving on, Grant and his lifelong best friend, who is a doctor, decide to rent a place of their own and pursue a bachelor lifestyle. Grant joins a technical support unit attached to a metropolitan police force to assist in fighting major crime, then after several years resigns. New found wealth means hopefully he can put the money to good use and keep his late girlfriend's dreams alive. But acts of wrongdoing keep grabbing his attention. Using his skills and at times flying close to the flame he inflicts his own style of reparation as a privateer. By pure chance he gets information regards her killer's identity and plans a way to come face to face despite the man being heavily guarded. The outcome will surprise you!
ISBN: 9781803027364
Type: Paperback
Pages: 340
Published: 8 February 2023
Price: $12.95

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