Now retired from the military, three former SAS soldiers with over fifty years experience in Special Forces give birth to a fledgling security enterprise. Increased demand for their expertise soon necessitates growth and the original trio are strengthened by former soldiers from other elite units. Over time two women are added to the mix. Both being experienced ex-police officers already trained in VIP protection and conducting security audits on IT systems they broaden the teams professional attributes. The story describes each skilled team member as they carry out risk analysis, cope with the loss of loved ones and their involvement in dangerous exploits. Join them as they plan hostage rescues, uncover dark secrets and encounter challenging twists. Walk in their shadows when they venture abroad offering protection and are compelled to use deadly force. The company working alongside National Crime Agency staff assists in the capture of electronic intelligence, disrupts gun running and other wide ranging international crime.
ISBN: 9781803024080
Type: Paperback
Pages: 402
Published: 1 March 2022
Price: $14.45

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