Revealed At Last

(This is the NEW book cover - The original book cover can still be purchased under the title, "Revealed At Last For This Generation") Within a year of being published, Revealed At Last has gained recognition from people known in the media. One such person is former British Conservative Party politician, star of the hit TV show ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ (UK version of ‘Dancing With The Stars’) and 'Celebrity Big Brother' - Ann Widdecombe: “It was an interesting read.” The author also received a positive letter on behalf of the Archbishop of Canterbury in regards to this book. "I am very sorry to hear that your experience with the church has been a source of such disappointment but I am pleased that you have responded so positively with this book." - Revd Dr Jo Bailey Wells. Chaplain to the Archbishop of Canterbury. Full of insight, wisdom and love this guide book of sorts side steps religion and its restrictions and puts YOU in control. Begin enriching your life and gaining skills to overcome many of life’s trials. Peter Hutchinson guides you back through defeat and to an awakened outlook on God, life, love and the future. One lady read Chapter 5 ‘ATP Self Development’ which was suggested to her by her friend. After reading just that chapter she quit her job that she hated and got a new one which she is now happier in. Get ready to learn about the kingdom within you. This book is perfect for this time in history.
ISBN: 9781788763561
Type: Paperback
Pages: 62
Published: 6 June 2018
Price: $18.91

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