This Love Is Real

'This Love is Real' is a new exciting book for singles and those in relationships. Within a year of having his first book published, Peter Hutchinson’s writings have gained praise from people known in the media. One such person is former British Conservative Party politician and star of the hit TV shows Celebrity Big Brother and Strictly Come Dancing (UK version of Dancing With The Stars) - Ann Widdecombe: "It [Revealed At Last] was an interesting read." He also received a positive letter on behalf of the Archbishop of Canterbury for the aforementioned book. Are you having problems in your relationship? 'This Love Is Real' could help you with clear and direct advice. It can be astonishing how simple adjustments in a relationship can make a difference. 'This Love is Real' can also help single people prepare for their future love. Everyone deserves to share real love. - To accompany this book a new song, also written by the author, is now available called 'This Love Is Real.' The song by Peter Hutchinson is available at
ISBN: 9781788764018
Type: Paperback
Pages: 58
Published: 20 June 2018
Price: $12.00

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