Seeds of Autumn

Feisty young Ariana must find the strength to undergo a radical shift in her reality. Can she embrace her inner monster and not lose her humanity? Can she have it all? Ariana Yates wakes in the night with a mysterious snake bite on her arm, and horrific monsters fight in the darkened street outside her window. With her nightmares bleeding into reality, she fights to resist the changes that are draining her body. When she finally relents, a whole new world opens up in front of her; a world that is equally terrifying and fascinating. She is welcomed into a new family, and discovers that the city of Caerton is home to a host of shape-shifters, who guard the veil between the world of humanity and the realms of deadly demons and inhuman fae. Ariana must adjust to the radical changes in her life, and struggles to balance her humanity with the beast within, in the midst of a hidden, war-torn world. Mysteries unfold and tensions mount in this, the first instalment of the Echoes of the Past series.
ISBN: 9781786100436
Type: Paperback
Pages: 322
Published: 11 August 2015
Price: $12.95