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Holly B. Lyne has been writing since early childhood; short stories, poetry, songs, screenplays, novellas and eventually, novels. Across all forms of fiction, an interest in fantasy has been more or less constant. Her early twenties seemed as good a time as any to begin writing a political blog, which morphed into music journalism. Becoming a parent led Holly on a new path, she began contributing to a prestigious maternity journal and writing website content for birth related businesses and organisations as well as writing her own parenting blog. Never far from fiction, however, Holly kept one story close to her heart and dipped into it whenever her busy lifestyle allowed. Finally, after seven years in the making, the first installment of Echoes of the Past, Seeds of Autumn, was shared with the public in 2014. Holly took the decision to self-publish, rather than enter the hyper-competitive world of agents and publishers. She feels strongly that “Echoes” is a story that she wants to share with others, whilst retaining a greater degree of control over her career than is often possible for newly published authors. Holly embraces social media, you can follow her on Twitter @hblyne and find the official Echoes page on Facebook:

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Feisty young Ariana must find the strength to undergo a radical shift in her reality. Can she embrace her inner monster and not lose her humanity? Can she have it all?Ariana Yates wakes in the night with a mysterious snake bite on her arm, and horrific mo....
ISBN: 9781786100436
Published: 11 August 2015