Selling Antiquity and other stories

This book is a collection of stories about people. People with secrets, desperate people, happy people, and sad people. With common threads of medicine, history, archaeology and zoology, and a smattering of science fiction, the stories never develop or end quite as you expect. 'Selling Antiquity and other stories' is a compilation both of short fiction previously published in 'Scribble' magazine and also brand new material. The author finishes by sharing some of the background and experiences that led to his stories. Comments from 'Scribble' magazine readers about stories included in this book: “Selling Antiquity had sheer originality. The story was well thought out, set a good pace, and kept me guessing to the end.” “Flying Circuits is a beautifully written piece with a well-drawn relationship between the two main characters.” “Victor was an unusual treatment of a well-used theme and a real winner.” “The Celestial Mechanic is a very well-written tale with some interesting characters.” “I found When Doves Fly atmospheric and intriguing – it held my attention right up to the last line.”
ISBN: 9781784072032
Type: Paperback
Pages: 154
Published: 4 December 2013
Price: $11.95

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