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Philip Loder grew up in Cambridge, UK, but now lives near Oxford with his family. He studied zoology at Bristol University before completing a doctorate on insect physiology at the University of Oxford, during which he met his wife and they never left the area. Beginning as a writer and editor about medical entomology, veterinary medicine and tropical diseases, Philip then moved into the field of medical communications, preparing materials to tell doctors about new treatments for diseases ranging from asthma to Parkinson’s disease to growth hormone deficiency. Philip began writing short fiction in the late 1990s, with his first publication, Skin Deep, in 2001, and several further stories published in Scribble magazine. 'Selling Antiquity and other stories' was his first collection published as a book, and 'Ark Light and other stories' his second. He enjoys adding an Afterword to his books sharing the thinking behind his stories.

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Ark Light: First Officer Irwin turned to indicate the position of the Ark Ship Edelweiss, then stopped ... it had disappeared. Basil: I was awake again, my heart thumping. It was a scrabble, a rustle, the slightest sound of something moving. Excision: The....
ISBN: 9781788761956
Published: 15 January 2018
This book is a collection of stories about people. People with secrets, desperate people, happy people, and sad people. With common threads of medicine, history, archaeology and zoology, and a smattering of science fiction, the stories never develop or en....
ISBN: 9781784072032
Published: 4 December 2013