She Stamps With Her Feet And Leaves The Earth

The Queen of Heaven is extraordinarily difficult to find anywhere in history, but miraculously she is still there. As in the Old Testament where the women of the ancient Jewish settlement on Elephantine island in southern Egypt defended their worship of the Queen of Heaven, when they were dramatically confronted by the exiled prophet Jeremiah, for worshipping 'false' gods in the 6th century BCE. (Jeremiah 45:15-21). Who was this ancient 'Queen of Heaven' resident at this remote outpost of the Jewish faith in Elephantine? In this case, it was the goddess ‘Anat’, who shared the same Jewish temple as Yahweh. Anat was considered his equal – when not superior - by the Jewish worshippers who offered incense and other offerings to both, which they had been doing for over 200 years in peaceful harmony. Compelling links between ancient Egyptian sources and the Old Testament demonstrate that much of what we read in Genesis and Exodus today has been simply ‘pasted and copied’ from ancient Egyptian texts and legends. Including the ‘Ten Commandments’ which were - almost word for word – written down in the Egyptian Book of the Dead and known as the ‘Declarations of Innocence’, many thousands of years before the time of Moses and the Exodus, and then later copied onto the walls of Edfu temple. It is at this very same Edfu temple – where the Jewish mercenaries were often garrisoned – we find astonishing similarities between the festival of the ‘Jewish Passover’ and the Egyptian ‘Festival of the Beautiful Reunion’ where the goddess Hathor was reunited with her consort. We also follow some of the most powerful kings of the region whose devotion to Anat - their Queen of Heaven - was so intense that in response to hostile acts directed against her temples or sanctuaries, they and their massive armies trekked thousands of miles across hostile territory to destroy or subjugate those responsible, and then reinstall their beloved Queen, Anat, on the throne of Heaven.
ISBN: 9781803029184
Type: Paperback
Pages: 264
Published: 1 September 2023
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