The Girl in the Golden Mango

This real-life adventure – on the exotically beautiful and tropical island of Sri Lanka - describes the extraordinary events that occur when two exceptional individuals come together to solve an inexplicable mystery, which only becomes more bewildering as they delve and probe further into the case of the missing goddess. Fay is a well-known and highly regarded clairvoyant and natural medium with supernatural powers of perceptive intuition. Her travelling companion is the rather drunken and dishevelled renegade author, AP, who enjoys an addiction to whisky and a vagabond lifestyle. But AP is also an autistic savant who can speed-read and absorb information at such an astonishing rate that his abilities are also in the realms of the supernatural, and he never forgets a single fact, storing impossible amounts of information in his mind that he can download at will. However, his unique autistic abilities cost him dearly, as his social skills are severely limited, and he finds it difficult to relate to the usual terms and conditions of human relationships. He also struggles to correctly pronounce or articulate simple and common day-to-day words and phrases, which results in many dismissing him as a charlatan and fraudster. When these two vastly disparate souls come together, they somehow create a third entity between them, a powerful metaphysical and androgynous being, seemingly possessed of supernatural powers who can cross the restricted borders between the esoteric and physical realms, making their combined powers tangible and palpable in the real world. Imagine travelling over 5,500 miles on a 12-hour flight to a country you have never visited, where everyone seems to already know you, instantly recognising you as the patron goddess of their island nation whom they have revered for thousands of years. A temple priest opens a holy shrine, allowing a privileged view of this deity, revealing an ancient, exquisite figurine of yourself. Wherever you go in Serendip – the ancient name of Sri Lanka – the crowds of locals gently mob you, and you bring temple proceedings, rituals, and worship to a standstill just by your presence. This real-life adventure begins at the Sri Lankan Airlines check-in desks at Heathrow Airport, where the girls on duty almost faint away with shocked surprise at the appearance of Fay at their counter. Whispering ‘Pattini-Pattini’ to her they immediately upgrade Fay and her travelling companion, AP, to business class – as a courtesy - and make no charge for their grossly overweight baggage. Similarly, on the flight, Fay has the full attention of all the crew – cabin and cockpit - who insist that she is the goddess ‘Pattini-Pattini’. Until then Fay had never heard of the goddess ‘Pattini-Pattini’ and had come to Serendip simply to enjoy the exotic atmosphere of the island and its many temples. Fay is many things: a highly regarded natural medium and clairvoyant much in demand all over the world, with two sanctuaries in the south of England; a fully accredited and ordained ‘Bhikkhuni’ – Buddhist nun – in the Mahayana tradition. She is also acknowledged as an incredibly powerful and astute adept of ESP – extrasensory perception – where her almost supernatural intuitive perception and other extraordinary powers have been investigated by scientists, leaving them baffled and unable to explain her uncanny ability to use senses unknown to them. She is also able to communicate with the dead and has assisted the police in several high-profile cases. Fay is also a dear friend to many spiritual leaders from various faiths.
ISBN: 9781835971765
Type: Paperback
Pages: 316
Published: 23 May 2024
Price: $12.95

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