Sidney the Secret Agent

Sidney Hyde was looking forward to his school trip to the Lake District. He was excited because he could do with a rest from the world of international crime. You see, although Sidney was only 11 years old, he had quite an exciting secret. Sidney was a secret agent for CI6. Sidney’s mum and dad and teachers didn’t know that he was a secret agent. In fact the only people who knew were CI6, his contact Jack Neate and his best friend at school Charlie Mathews. Yes, Sidney was looking forward to a nice relaxing time. That is until he was told that his new mission was to investigate strange goings on at Devil’s rock in the Lake District near where he’s staying, involving disappearing water, disappearing hikers, disappearing fisherman, and the re-appearance of a legendary 200 year old Fish monster known as the Charon. Maybe this school trip would not be as relaxing as he first thought…
ISBN: 9781784077594
Type: Paperback
Pages: 72
Published: 6 June 2014
Price: $6.49

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