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Jim Harradine lives in Heald Green, Cheshire and works in HR. He decided that he needed to get his typing speed up to scratch for his job and decided that the best way to do this, was to write a book. He created Sidney the Secret Agent for this purpose. What he didn't realise was that he would really enjoy the process of writing a book, and as such is now hooked on it. He is already writing his third book, which is the second Sidney book (his second book is a younger children's book, which is currently being illustrated...confused yet?). Jim Dreams of making millions from his books, but his goal at the moment to sell a book to someone who's not related to him and hasn't been emotionally blackmailed into buying one.

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Sidney Hyde was looking forward to his school trip to the Lake District. He was excited because he could do with a rest from the world of international crime. You see, although Sidney was only 11 years old, he had quite an exciting secret. Sidney was a se....
ISBN: 9781784077594
Published: 6 June 2014