Sing Jess Sing

'In the beginning, I was a girl with a Geordie accent who got on a bus.' Sing Jess, Sing is the story of Jess, a young woman in care. Jess has survived a childhood of cruelty and abuse. But Jess can sing. Singing is the only connection she has to the feelings she has inside. When she discovers that a great musician, Antonio Vivaldi, rescued abandoned girls from the streets of Venice and taught them to sing, the story resonates and resounds within her. With gritty determination and little knowledge of the world beyond the physical structures that surround her, Jess sets off on a bus to find the Pieta. Her journey becomes a quest, her destination a shrine and with the love of a good man and the wisdom of some unconventional women, Jess finds her real connection in the world.
ISBN: 9781784074456
Type: Paperback
Pages: 396
Published: 2 April 2014
Price: $12.95