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I am a retired reflexologist living in north Northumberland. In 2006 I published a book about my experiences as a reflexologist in a rural community. This book combined my stories with those of the people who I saw and the students I taught. It was reviewed well. In 2013 I collaborated with an artist friend on a small book called 'Harmonic Happenings, Little Musings on Life in Words and Pictures.' Sing, Jess Sing was inspired by Micky White's video on Vivaldi's Women which told the story of Antonio Vivaldi's choir at the Pieta in Venice which was made up of abandoned children. I have also almost completed a novel on the lives and memories of six women on a stroke ward in the north east of England. I have attended many writing workshops and a writing course in Loutro, Crete and have been mentored by Jemma Kennedy, ex Pearson writer in residence at the National Theatre. I walk the dog and muse and I also garden and muse. I have travelled quite extensively, favourites being Ireland, Sweden and Italy. However, the photo shows me in San Francisco living out a very delayed dream.

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'In the beginning, I was a girl with a Geordie accent who got on a bus.' Sing Jess, Sing is the story of Jess, a young woman in care. Jess has survived a childhood of cruelty and abuse. But Jess can sing. Singing is the only connection she has to the feel....
ISBN: 9781784074456
Published: 2 April 2014