What if high-ranking politicians could wield unearthly magical powers? How might the press react? When political journalist and single mum, Helen, befriends the mysterious Aquilus, their two worlds collide and reveal Westminster’s darkest secret. Power-crazed Archemorus has his eyes on a prize of catastrophic proportions – spellbinding a nation into subjugation and seizing power beyond the realms of Mankind. As a British cabinet minister, it seems he is poised to grasp this chance and he is determined to let no-one get in his way. For twenty-five years Aquilus has been locked in a bitter battle with this evil magician, while others have paid the ultimate price for dissent. If he is ever to return to his magical homeland, Kalucea, he knows he must first defeat his arch-enemy. Meanwhile, Helen has a personal score to settle and is rapidly drawn into a dangerous world of sorcery and secrets, politics and power, triumph and death. ‘An amazing book... Spellbound is a real page-turner. I love it.’ G. P. Taylor, New York Times Nº 1 bestselling author of Shadowmancer and the Mariah Mundi Trilogy.
ISBN: 9781849232074
Type: Paperback
Pages: 456
Published: 11 March 2013
Price: $14.45