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Greetings fellow readers & writers. I’ve been afflicted with the writing bug since my early teens, and while I’ve had poetry published, it’s about time my years of solitary confinement produced some more results. Back in the early noughties when I worked in a political sphere, the then Foreign Secretary made a comment that planted a seed of an idea in my mind… and now you can read the result! ‘Spellbound, Part 1: The Politics of Doom’ introduces a fantasy trilogy that weaves its spell around the corridors of power, unleashing unearthly forces on an unsuspecting world. The highly acclaimed writer, G P Taylor, has already given it the thumbs up. I wonder what the MP in question might make of it? Discover more at: Right – time to get back to scribbling… Sylvan (Many thanks to the talented James Paul for taking the photo.)

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What if high-ranking politicians could wield unearthly magical powers? How might the press react? When political journalist and single mum, Helen, befriends the mysterious Aquilus, their two worlds collide and reveal Westminster’s darkest secret. Power-cr....
ISBN: 9781849232074
Published: 11 March 2013