Stonehenge and the Astronomers

This thought provoking, liberally illustrated, work of detection, has been written to satisfy those among the general readership, whose enquiring minds have been less than satisfied with the explanations so far provided. The revelation of new discoveries, a disastrous war, and some very different interpretations among its pages, are also intended to awaken those in the world of archaeology to different ways of viewing the various phases of development, embodied in the ancient history of those silent stones. At the same time the author has tried to provide those in that field with sufficient information, to enable them to follow his ground breaking footsteps. Through his efforts to expound his alternative theories, the author reveals many facts unknown to others that help to explain this ancient monument’s largely misunderstood history. In so doing, those revelations lend verification to his theories. Although it is not possible to know the thought processes of such a distant people, those insights allowed him to investigate four other less-well-known archaeological sights, Woodhenge, Durrington Walls, Mount Pleasant and Stanton Drew, where he reveals the astonishing knowledge of astronomy possessed by the priests of the Beaker people.
ISBN: 9781784076030
Type: Paperback
Pages: 437
Published: 13 April 2014
Price: $15.11

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