Sunset Chasing

No word for four years; just silence. Then, in the dead of night, the phone rings: ‘Help me, Nan,’ begs a little voice on the other end of the line. Alice is twelve, living in America, 5,000 miles from help and being used as no kid should. Molly & Bert, retired and unworldly, live in sleepy Cornwall. Impatient with red tape they decide to fetch Alice themselves. With the help of Cajun private investigator, Danny Generve, Alice is traced to New Orleans. A hidden government agency hires professional killers the Dancer Twins to find her. They murder her parents, but by sheer luck Alice evades them and is rescued by Molly and Bert. With Danny’s help they hide out in Bayou country, but killers and police are close on their heels. Their only option is to escape to Canada. The route takes them back through a now dangerous city where no one can be trusted. Slowly, the whole mystery unravels, to reveal why Alice is being pursued. This thriller never lets up; has more twists than a Carrick Knot and an end that even the most jaded of thriller readers will find satisfying. DON’T MISS - SUNSET CHASING.
ISBN: 9781784070694
Type: Paperback
Pages: 324
Published: 14 October 2013
Price: $12.95

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