Bullied, gang raped and battered, fifteen year-old Fel Colt is left for dead. One year and a new school later, she’s a star … Good girl darling of the media … A sprinter no female can beat … She’s trying to put the brutal rape behind her and set her eyes on Olympic gold in 2012. But life has other plans – Blessing Joy, her daughter from the brutal rape, has an accident; and right now the police are seeking her for child abuse and her rapists are trashing her reputation and cashing in on her fame. And the press has turned against her. Full of winner’s fire, Fel is so not prepared to be a victim this time round; she plans to run Olympics 2012 – and win. In style. But … Can she really take on her school bullies, a dead coach, two elite athletes, prove it was rape – not consensual sex – and her snazzy prep school was complicit? After a long stint in hiding cost her speed advantage … Can she woo back fans with a series of runs that thrill them from the Penn Relays to the Icahn Grand Prix and win back America’s love before London 2012…?
ISBN: 9781781765845
Type: Paperback
Pages: 314
Published: 24 July 2012
Price: $12.95

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