Rags-to-riches teen-sprinting heart-stealing fashionista, Fel Colt, has had it all: Tragedy, disappointment, despair - and now it’s so behind her – or is it? With the ink still drying on contracts for everything from tech gadgets to hair spray, the good-girl, bi-racial teen begins to think it is. Now she’s moved on she wants nothing more than to forget what happened at her elite prep school - being bullied, raped and forced to run superfast to escape the male athletes waiting to give her more of the same. But the rapists aren’t finished with her yet. And with one accident that isn’t even her fault, they get their chance to spin a cruel incident of group rape into consensual sex, slut-shame her as a drugged up groupie, get the world to cyberbully her as they destroy her professional reputation for money. Now in hiding after losing everything, including her chance to compete in the Olympics, Fel learns she can’t outrun problems, she must face her enemies and fight to win; so now she’s determined to do what she must to clear her name to get to the Olympics. Even if it means roping in her multiracial friends for a scene-stealing-down-to-the-wire fight. And even when it turns out to be harder and more bitter than she ever believed possible and it seems certain her own anguish would defeat her, Fel grimly digs in, and triumphs just in time to wow fans before the trials and head to London to chase her dream to enthrall the world with a record stealing Olympic win.
ISBN: 9781786979001
Type: Paperback
Pages: 290
Published: 14 July 2017
Price: $11.29

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