Josh never enjoy eating at meal time but his mother becomes lock into a thing when his interest seem to be interested in an old book she bought from the local bookshop named ‘The Plugin Man’ The book cover contain a round like bottom with a figure with something inside he has plugs and ladders and windmills and his snort pointing upwards. When he rolls he rolls and when he ran he rolls. While she reads to him in bed she didn’t aspire when he rose and turns back to the picture on the page she aleady read. He gives a deep sigh and start to ask question and there a bartering commence. They came to an arrangement for a week by enforece means then she would consider something to include in the tale to satisfy a situation that has just popped out of her little son's head.
ISBN: 9781784070168
Type: Paperback
Pages: 63
Published: 27 September 2013
Price: $6.49

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