Brandon Willows works in his father-in-law business at the café recorrection. His father-in-law is a serving police officer who has his hands in both business of the group. Brandon and Shank runs the surveillance system as well with three others and the café with other employee. He becomes a big manager for both businesses. In this instant, the police officer wife seeks to legally adopted Brandon and Shank son. She is a councillor for litigators, so in this case they found out that even his dependant practitioner DuPont seem to be in cahoots with Shank step mother. The case was lost and for them to turn their son over to Shank step mother but an appeal was lodged immediately. Somehow while the appeal was in session summons was served for the child to hand over to the Hamilton’s who seek one of the employ as drug taker. This, fires up Brandon and Shank who became broiled then it was necessary to seek a hungrier litigator when it gets to court. It became disturbing when in the midst of things his council revealed he would not able to challenge the case and encourage for a compromise.
ISBN: 9781785101175
Type: Paperback
Pages: 438
Published: 29 September 2014
Price: $14.45

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