THE QUEST is a story set in 1962 Dob Macalister and his closest friends are drawn into a heroic effort to stop the assassination of President Kennedy. It is the story of how an evil Geman came to America back in the 50's with a new weapon: Mind control. It tells of how some of the people were able to combat the effect of the weapon and fight back. While everyone else is going about their daily lives the evil plan is being set into motion, and with a limited amount of time given the heroes must first figure out what is about to happen to the country. Their only clue Is; IT WILL DEVASTATE THE ENTIRE COUNTRY. Then they must find a way to fight the Germans and win. With many more people joining the ranks of the heroes there are children who must be protected from the evil forces that will gladly kill even children in the quest to achieve their goals. THE QUEST is about the quest of good decent men and women who have nothing to gain but if they lose then the entire country will lose. They are armed with small arms weapons and a burning with determination to stop the acts of those wishing to bring down the greatest country on the face of the earth.
ISBN: 9781786107466
Type: Paperback
Pages: 502
Published: 18 February 2016
Price: $13.50

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