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I was born and raised in Texas, and I was raised to not only love Texas but to love this great country of ours. My Mamaw actually did run a hotel in Borger Texas, and she was just as spirited as Lady Lane. I enjoy writing and as I've said many times: It is my drug of choice. I actually zone out as I write and never even know that someone is attempting to talk to me. My heroes have been authors who took me wild adventures and taught me to enjoy reading. I give thanks to those wonderful authors who by their stories, made me want to think, and to reach further in knowledge. I hope I return the same gift to my readers.

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Book II from the Book THE QUEST. It continues on in the fight against the Evil Of Borga. heroes who were children in the first book rise up to continue a fight in a battle
ISBN: 9781786109941
Published: 26 May 2016
THE QUEST is a story set in 1962 Dob Macalister and his closest friends are drawn into a heroic effort to stop the assassination of President Kennedy. It is the story of how an evil Geman came to America back in the 50's with a new weapon: Mind control. I....
ISBN: 9781786107466
Published: 18 February 2016