It's Friday night in a London suburb and Daphne Timot, out on a first date with Brad Adams, soon realises he is a deranged drug-dealer. Desperate to go home, Daphne meets her childhood sweetheart Kester Vollier, who helps her ditch Brad. Fearing for her safety, all Daphne really wants is to go home, but Kester persuades and gets her involved in his relentless search with three boys, Alex, Ian and Charlie find his jacket, stolen by two men and known to the boys ...before Kester loses his mind. In their inexorable search from place-to-place, they're pursuit and threatened by Brad and his men with violence and guns, and a frantic Kester, promising hundreds of thousands of pounds to Daphne and the boys, to help him, triggers the boys and Daphne's curiosity, suspecting the jacket carries a priceless secret! Demanding to know the secret of the jacket - Kester’s refusal baffles, angers and confuses Daphne and the boys, and when they finally recover the jacket, the chilling truth not only shocks and surprises them astounds them ...beyond their wildest dreams!
ISBN: 9781786108326
Type: Paperback
Pages: 460
Published: 9 June 2016
Price: $14.45

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