Tales from the Coop: The joy of ex-battery hens

If you enjoyed Chicken Soup for the Soul, then this captivating collection of short stories, poems and anecdotes is for you. Recounting the heartwarming, uplifting and often hilarious experiences of ex-battery hens and their owners, Tales from the Coop is a must-read for anybody who appreciates the bond between pets and the people who love them. From chicken friendships and a hen's love of treats, to the first moving glimpse of freedom from the battery cage, each story is lovingly told by authors whose ex-battery hens truly rule the roost. All profits from the sale of Tales from the Coop will go to the British Hen Welfare Trust and Little Hen Rescue.
ISBN: 9781781768471
Type: Paperback
Pages: 191
Published: 24 October 2012
Price: $12.89