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Sophie Mccoy's life changed for the better when she became the mum of three beautiful ex-battery hens and realised that far from being 'bird brained', chickens are intelligent, cheeky, loving animals who deserve a full free range life. Since then, she has fundraised for the British Hen Welfare Trust to raise money for their education and rehoming programmes, and is a volunteer coordinator for the charity, rehoming approximately 2000 battery hens per year who would otherwise be sent to slaughter. Tales from the Coop is Sophie's first book.

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If you enjoyed Chicken Soup for the Soul, then this captivating collection of short stories, poems and anecdotes is for you. Recounting the heartwarming, uplifting and often hilarious experiences of ex-battery hens and their owners, Tales from the Coop is....
ISBN: 9781781768471
Published: 24 October 2012