The Adonis Conspiracy

A thousand years ago, in a mountainous Greek region, a brilliant doctor established a research centre after becoming obsessed with longevity and immortality. The natives, suspecting the centre of being responsible for the incessant disappearances of children and young woman, mutinied against the doctor and his colleagues, all of whom were killed in the brutal riot that followed. In present day Manhattan, New York, a wealthy hotelier was murdered. Startling discoveries were made during his autopsy, which revealed—among other bizarre findings—that he was irreversible sterile. Confused by the autopsy report that her late husband could not be responsible for her pregnancy, and knowing he definitely was, the young widow raced from New York to the swanky streets of Paris, and then to the arid Egyptian desert town of Giza in search of answers, all the while being stalked by a deadly assassin. Soon she found herself in the folds of an ancient brotherhood and stumbled on a thousand-year-old secret so devastating and terrifying it threatened the very fabric of modern medical practice and human existence. As bodies continue to mount, the widow suddenly realized that rooting out the evil was no longer enough to keep her alive.
ISBN: 9781786975966
Type: Paperback
Pages: 278
Published: 9 December 2016
Price: $13.82

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