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A thousand years ago, in a mountainous Greek region, a brilliant doctor established a research centre after becoming obsessed with longevity and immortality. The natives, suspecting the centre of being responsible for the incessant disappearances of child....
ISBN: 9781786975966
Published: 9 December 2016
A relatively normal delivery inside the birth chamber of a local hospital suddenly unleashed a chain of cataclysmic events after the newborn was discovered to have a strange birthmark and his mother went into a coma. Determined to unravel the mysteries su....
ISBN: 9781786106810
Published: 21 January 2016
An unsettled medical doctor traveled to London in search of the mythical Golden Fleece, but found himself entangled in a complex web of terrorism, illegal immigration and the underworld. Caught in the 7/7 terrorists’ attacks on London transport network, h....
ISBN: 9781786975225
Published: 2 December 2016