The Arms of Morpheus

The devastating news of the impending death of their only child shatters the otherwise idyllic lives of Amelia Jarvis and Noel Maher forever. ‘The Arms of Morpheus’ tells the desperate story of two parents as they fight to come to terms with – and battle against – this, the most terrifying ordeal any parent could imagine. The book examines their different coping mechanisms and pits the power of dreams and belief in ancient mythology against the data driven world of science. When five year old Blake inherits an incredibly rare and totally untreatable form of fatal insomnia, her parents embark on two very different personal journeys, the enormity of their circumstance causing their lives to spiral out of control. Noel - an atheist and scientist - seeks solace in the world of facts and figures, theories and hypothesis; whilst Amelia – a classics teacher - seeks a more spiritual path, believing in the power of the strange repetitive dreams that plague her subconscious. But can they work together and find a cure for their daughter before time runs out?
ISBN: 9781781762240
Type: Paperback
Pages: 469
Published: 10 April 2012
Price: $14.45