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Sean Ivory was born in Birmingham, England in January 1969; the second youngest in a family of four children to parents Maureen and James. After receiving a traditional Catholic education in the predominantly Irish neighbourhood in which he was raised, he attended college as a trainee Engineer, receiving his diploma in 1991 and subsequently pursuing an Engineering career. The biggest influence on his life – his father James who emigrated from Ireland in the 1950’s - ensured he remained close to his Gaelic roots, with annual family holidays to Dublin and Co. Wicklow, Ireland providing great memories and a sense of Celtic inheritance that he is extremely proud of and that remains with him to this day. His career has enabled him to travel the world, always making time to absorb the cultures and geography of the many diverse regions he has visited; giving rise to his fascination with religious etiquette and doctrine, spiritual beliefs and classical history. Sean lives in Birmingham with wife Anna, his three children: Michael (1991), Matthew (1994) and latterly Chloe (2009) and has a penchant for writing thrillers with a religious overtone. He currently works as an Aerospace Engineer and when not writing, devotes his time between his family, archery and his love of Warwickshire County Cricket Club.

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