The Crystal

Set in hidden valleys, deep in unexplored South American rainforest. An accident prone girl Laura is helped by Zendor a wizard. When Laura's father gives her a birthday present of a wizard figurine, which he obtained under strange circumstances and a visit by her father's half brother Uncle Rufus, who gives her a mysterious crystal for her birthday. Things happened which she could not explain at the time, and she finds herself transported to the rainforest. Where she meets the native people of the hidden valleys who call themselves the chosen people. She also meets a group of people called Guardians of Gila who, with Zendor, have formed to protect the world from Xobac, an evil wizard. Laura finds that she's descended from Gila a sorceress in the distant past and has inherited her powers, handed down though the ages. Gila's bitter enemy Xobac, who has been cocooned for hundreds of years and is now released and bent on the destruction of Laura, and the chosen people of the hidden kingdom, who with the guardians of Gila were traditional enemies. Although reluctant at first to help, Laura changes her mind when the friendly chosen people of the hidden kingdom save her life and help her overcome her feelings of anger at being bought there against her will.
ISBN: 9781908147271
Type: Paperback
Pages: 196
Published: 1 November 2011
Price: $11.95

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