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Born in 1945 in Dorset, moved to Sussex when a child. Educated at a small minor public school. Moved to building industry in the late 1960’s and retrained to take a degree in construction engineering. Also worked in many other spheres including ranching, antiques, purchasing jewels in the Far East, olive farming and many more. Have lived and worked all over the world, and also travelled the world widely for pleasure, during which time visited remote areas of the world which I now write about as a background to the stories. When relaxing likes to paint, mainly abstract and fantasy pictures. Have now moved back to the UK for good and intend to write full time. I am at present writing the follow up book to “The Crystal”

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Set in hidden valleys, deep in unexplored South American rainforest. An accident prone girl Laura is helped by Zendor a wizard. When Laura's father gives her a birthday present of a wizard figurine, which he obtained under strange circumstances and a visi....
ISBN: 9781908147271
Published: 1 November 2011
Curling her fingers in excitement, she felt the crystal in her pocket. The crystal, that mysterious present from her uncle who stood beside her now, pointing out the darkness gathering on the horizon.
ISBN: 9781784072025
Published: 11 February 2014