The Dandelion Chronicles Volume IV

The fourth volume. With the requirement to build the G-1 spaceship in lunar orbit, preparations are made to put all the necessary construction infrastructure and support logistics in place, but implementation poses its own problems. On the ground, production of the large quantities of rocket fuel for the LTVs needed to ferry goods and people to and from lunar orbit threatens to diminish food production through reduction of atmospheric CO2 levels at the farms; while corresponding reduction of the limited water supply to provide Hydrogen would make the success of MXP even more urgent. Meanwhile, the planned expansion of the Moonbase power network, now being executed, runs into a strange problem which threatens to prevent its completion. Legacies from the pre-war period are found to be responsible in both cases; but dealing with them requires very different solutions.
ISBN: 9781803023069
Type: Paperback
Pages: 292
Published: 31 December 2021
Price: $12.95

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