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The Dandelion Chronicles Volume I: Last Run While escalation of a local nuclear conflict in South Asia into Armageddon seemed possible, that threat was mitigated by the rapprochement of the US and Russia after Glasnost. This situation allowed the writer t....
ISBN: 9781803022994
Published: 21 December 2021
Vulume 2 of a 4 part saga. Having survived - albeit not entirely unscathed - the tribulations of Project Dandelion's Last Run from Earth to its Moonbase, the passengers are guided to their allocated accommodation and provided with a welcome package, the m....
ISBN: 9781803023045
Published: 31 December 2021
Volume 3 of 4.With Moonbase now isolated, while the focus of its Dandelion component must now be concentrated on MXP - The Mars Exploration Project. The MXP would initially be a proving ground for the technologies to be deployed on the interstellar Probes....
ISBN: 9781803023052
Published: 31 December 2021
The fourth volume.With the requirement to build the G-1 spaceship in lunar orbit, preparations are made to put all the necessary construction infrastructure and support logistics in place, but implementation poses its own problems.On the ground, productio....
ISBN: 9781803023069
Published: 31 December 2021