The Director

A small hometown lady wins her ultimate dream prize via the internet. An all expense paid trip to New York City, New York to go out for dancing and drinks with her two favorite celebrities, Nick Ellers and Viv Ambler. They are a detective team on the crime drama TV show, "The Elite Justice Team." The celebrities are nicer than Lori could've imagined, the night is going along perfectly, and Nick and Viv wish for nothing more than for Lori to be their friend. Unknown to them, they are being watched and are mere puppets in this monster's show. What he has planned for them (down to the last detail) will test their friendship and own personal values to the very core of their being. The most damaging of all, however, is the identity of "The Director." Will they make the final cut and get out alive or is The Director's plans too much for them to handle?
ISBN: 9781781764596
Type: Paperback
Pages: 511
Published: 15 June 2012
Price: $14.45