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I TRULY dedicate my books to ANYone (male or female of ANY age) who have been raped, lived through domestic violence and/or have suffered sexual abuse of any kind! Also dedicated to Law Enforcement who defend and live through the grueling investigation to help the hurting and violated. THANK YOU! I wish to thank Michiana Spine for their support and help through the writing of this book. I thank my two editors Kerry K. Lawson-MLS Indiana University and Amy Lignor! They worked diligently, tirelessly and FAITHFULLY to make this book its best! THANKS to Feed-A-Read for offering the publishing options to new authors. Names and events changed to protect the innocent ONLY! I have NO problems exposing the perps! Their names changed to protect their victims! I HOPE anyone who NEEDS to be heard, gets it out! SHOUTS IT OUT! 15% of sales proceeds are being donated to Mariska Hargitay's Joyful Hearts Foundation! I PROUDLY stand with MH and her foundation to help and empower survivors!

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A small hometown lady wins her ultimate dream prize via the internet. An all expense paid trip to New York City, New York to go out for dancing and drinks with her two favorite celebrities, Nick Ellers and Viv Ambler. They are a detective team on the crim....
ISBN: 9781781764596
Published: 15 June 2012