The Drifter

Danny Custer drifts not only from job to job, but also from one girl to another. He is besotted with Irene, but she considers him too poor an unambitious for her. Falling in love with his best friend's girl leads Danny into a life of subterfuge than ends in tragedy. He has to move on. He plays the field. Then he meets, plain, meek Alice Baines, who confronts him with a life-changing proposition. But there is a condition. Will Danny agree to it? If so can he still chase Irene? Timid Alice has secrets that lie hidden. Is she really what she seems? For Danny life becomes complicated. His mother reads the cards, but can she see what is in store for The Drifter?
ISBN: 9781803022505
Type: Paperback
Pages: 270
Published: 13 November 2021
Price: $12.95

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