The Galactic Magician

Never were there two more star crossed lovers than these. Nineteen year old Polly with her big blue eyes and fuzzy ginger hair was in search of her place in the world. A place where she could belong, and be contented. But the arrival of a handsome and enigmatic man called Mr Milo, captivates her imagination and sends her heart into overdrive. Polly cannot fathom him, and suspects he is nothing but a womaniser. She does not realise that he can make dreams come true, quite literally. But though he might consider himself simply a librarian, he is not of this world, and his library is full of cosmic wonders. We might ask what an eternal being capable of making new worlds might want of an ordinary mortal like Polly. She finds out the hard way, when she is abruptly flung across space and time in an extraordinary adventure with this quirky entity. Milo has been struggling for hundreds of years of his recent time, to comprehend that mysterious thing humans’ call love. Polly is chosen, she is destined to be the one to educate him: A love truly made in the heavens, and unlikely to ever run smooth.
ISBN: 9781784071141
Type: Paperback
Pages: 234
Published: 29 October 2013
Price: $12.65

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