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Born in 1957 educated in Devon and later at Oxford, I began a career in education, teaching sciences in schools in Surrey. I am now writing full-time and involved in environmental projects along with various creative projects in Kent. I have a love of theatre and film and have been writing scripts and plays for many years but find that the book writing enables me to lock up ideas in some copyrighted form that can be shared. Like most creatives I earn very little from books, at least with FeedAread the work is out there in some tangible form and not too expensive. I have been supported by the Arts council on writing for film and also for my first publication that is currently with New Generation Publishing, called Corporate Bodies. I aim to write a mystery murder and complete my science fiction series before I perhaps take up some other occupation. Writing is a time consuming passion, but life is short and I might like to spend some time not writing anything at all, save trees, and probably make room for the mountains of books already in existence that no one reads. It is not a recommended life choice being a writer. In fact writing is not a life choice at all. But reading can be fun. I would also recommend growing plants and being outside.The head can be quite a daunting residency, always in need of a good spring clean!

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Erin is running as fast as he can. His home is destroyed. He finds himself alone. But he is brave and does not give up. He meets odd and untrustworthy individuals, makes new and peculiar friends on this testing journey, to find somewhere to live. Will he ....
ISBN: 9781785103773
Published: 4 December 2014
Sometimes it is difficult to find hope. Father Joe is not what the locals expect of a new vicar, and even he is surprised at the welcome he gets when he arrives practically frozen on a stormy winter's night. Joe is just an old tramp. But what can happen w....
ISBN: 9781784071479
Published: 11 November 2013
FRACTAL UTOPIA. The Science Fiction adventure of the century begins here in R Becket's first book written for young adults, called 'KREATOR'. Rowan Macready a seemingly insignificant boy of sixteen, suddenly becomes the single most important figure in the....
ISBN: 9781908147967
Published: 2 December 2010
A body lies buried beneath the neglected rose garden. The garden holds many secrets like seeds ready to germinate in the new spring. The ghosts of the past wander through this tale of love where death and life are eternally linked.
ISBN: 9781785103827
Published: 4 December 2014
This is a book of poetry containing a selection of poems that have spanned some years in which travel and life's journey itself, along with current issues are all translated into poetic verse. Some more whimsical than others. Reading poetry allows us to t....
ISBN: 9781788762762
Published: 9 March 2018
Never were there two more star crossed lovers than these.Nineteen year old Polly with her big blue eyes and fuzzy ginger hair was in search of her place in the world. A place where she could belong, and be contented. But the arrival of a handsome and enig....
ISBN: 9781784071141
Published: 29 October 2013
Poor Tiny, always being led by the neck, pulled along by his owner at will, and as for Bonito the cat, well she would never have guessed that she would be bound for Death island with a blind man, a drunk, and an old guy who can't hear a thing. Don't even ....
ISBN: 9781785103780
Published: 4 December 2014