The Me I Want to Be

“In the end I realised I had a story about finding and expressing my own authenticity, my own voice, my core and my strength. I wanted to share my discovery of something within that made me realise I was worth saving. There had been a time in my past when I felt so little, so small, so wrong, so dirty deep inside that it caused me to play over and over in my mind this awful “realisation” that there was actually and properly, truly and surely, something well wrong with me. I had been dealt a joker card. I had a golden outward appearance, yet something was so wrong inside that I would always malfunction. It was a nonspecific sneaky slippery defect that deluded definition and therefore cure, and it showed up in various guises all my life.” So The Me I Want To Be is a joint effort of my own personal-development, what I have found to work in my professional practice, and what the ancients took as their way of life. These are the steps that led me from addiction to the glowing health and happiness I enjoy today.
ISBN: 9781786970817
Type: Paperback
Pages: 130
Published: 21 June 2016
Price: $15.36

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