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I’m Vicki Rebecca and have run a successful private Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming practice which includes one to one therapy, both in-person and online, classes, retreats, live-in intensives, books and products since 1999. Since 2003 that practice has included retreats all over the world including Egypt, India, Turkey, the sacred sites of Scotland and more. My intention and life’s work is to help you express the greatest and grandest expression of YOU! To this end I train the core skills of personal and spiritual growth including various means of relaxation and mind mastery. The practice is supported by my extensive background in health promotion, fitness training, yoga and meditation practice as well as professional qualifications to trainer level in psychotherapy, advanced clinical hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (UKCP accredited psychotherapist, trainer, and supervisor; and Society of NLP trainer). I am also a Sekhem Master and have been fascinated by the mysteries and esoteric study my whole life. I wrote my first book: ‘The Me I Want To Be: Simple Shifts To Authentic Wellbeing’ initially for the clients and students I’d worked with for over twenty years. It was also a way of pulling all my knowledge together, but I guess that most of all I wrote it for those who could not manage come along for sessions or classes because of cost or distance. It had always been a source of frustration to me that I could not help them too. So to make my work accessible to a larger audience I wrote the book and recorded over ten hours of instruction and guided journeys to accompany it. It was a mission without doubt but one I am proud of, so you can imagine how delighted I am now to be able to share all of that so easily as a personal development course and support community. For me this ticks all the boxes, I get to share my life’s work at a price everyone can afford, gather with our close knit community and have the joy of serving by sharing form what is now a very large treasure chest of tools. The most consistent feedback I receive from my books and classes is how relatable the are, how down to earth and doable. However that is far from the end of the story. Before becoming a therapist, I had a successful career as a photographic model in London. I believe it is my personal journey from glamour model to successful therapist that inspires, instructs, and gives me the down to earth saltiness that my many clients and students relate to. And there's more to come! Response from “The Me I Want To Be” when I’ve opened up during public talks, informal chats, and most especially my own realisation that a huge part of my sadhana IS to share my story, has led me to work on my autobiography, no holds barred “Naked Truth: Diary of a Glamour Model” is a time document ranging from 1956 to today. The true story of a young runaway who made her way through the seedy photo booths of Soho of the 1970s into a career as a page three girl and Monroe lookalike. A broken heart left her fluctuating between stardom, drugs and despair and when she hit rock bottom a spiritual experience changed her life. Yup I have certainly lived! I closed that door and left London in 1987, returned to my native Scotland, completed a law degree while coming off methadone, moved into teaching fitness and immersed myself in various spiritual development systems, therapeutic and personal development approaches, culminating in the qualifications I have today. I did this while bringing up my life’s joy, my daughter, Jessica. I still live in the house where she was born in 1994 and despite a chronic case of wanderlust I love to return to the solitude, peace, and scenery of Deeside where I grow veges, help people on their path and host a passing community of like-minded guests and travellers. Did it make me perfect, far from it, the point is I did it and so can YOU, change is often no more than a decision to heal, if you’d like to find out more just get in touch and we can chat it through. My current mission As a woman, I wish to empower others to feel brave, to share their truth, to release shame, and to honour every part of them. ‘Naked Truth’ is a raw and fierce book; a book of awakening, and healing; we are so often shamed into silence, afraid to speak out, told to stay small. This is a book of liberation, of lessons, of insights, of breaking down stigmas and taboos. There has never been a more important time for us to be inspired by a book like this - COMING SOON!

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“In the end I realised I had a story about finding and expressing my own authenticity, my own voice, my core and my strength. I wanted to share my discovery of something within that made me realise I was worth saving. There had been a time in my past when....
ISBN: 9781786970817
Published: 21 June 2016