The Melody of English

This book is intended as a guide into the world of basic English Phonology. Part 1 of the booklet is dedicated to some general consideration about the status of English as International, global language and about the mechanism through which languages are acquired. This part includes some of the author's considerations regarding the importance of learning Phonology in order to stand out from the crowd of mediocre English speakers, in order to understand and be understood in the real world, outside the classroom. Part 2 is dedicated to Intonation, with explanation of concepts, mechanisms, examples and tips. This part, together with Part 3, although explained without the use of technical language, requires attention and often re-reading, due to its complexity, dealing with factors that are natural for native speakers, but need resetting when studying a second language. Part 3 deals with Pronunciation, with a basic explanation of the British Phonemic Chart, Consonants and Vowels and the final part dedicated to some of the most difficult and unfamiliar sound of the English Language. This book is the ideal tool for those adult students who need to take their English to a higher level and cash in the benefits in their environment, might that be work, study or for any other personal aim. Moreover, it may function as an orientation guide for some ESL/EFL English Teachers, facing the challenge of planning Phonology classes.
ISBN: 9781782993148
Type: Paperback
Pages: 89
Published: 14 September 2014
Price: $9.29