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Ric Nolfi was born in 1963. He is an Academic Teacher of English as a Foreign Language and Examiner for the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations (Ref BK38cc). He has taught in many countries around the globe: China, Japan, but also Germany, Italy, the UAE, the Czech Republic and, of course the UK. The idea of writing a short and simple booklet on Phonology came to him after the consideration that this branch of English Language Teaching was widely disregarded and not considered important, let alone fundamental. Whilst he was teaching in Oxford and thanks to the opportunity given to him by the school he was working for, he got involved in teaching Pronunciation classes. There, he noticed the interest that this topic was generating in the students and he realised that the importance of the topic itself was easily understood by the learners. His passion for language and teaching has always driven him to search for new ways to improve the learning experience of students, to search for new ways to generate students able to be intelligible outside the classroom environment. At present, he is studying on an MA TESOL course.

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This book is intended as a guide into the world of basic English Phonology. Part 1 of the booklet is dedicated to some general consideration about the status of English as International, global language and about the mechanism through which languages are ....
ISBN: 9781782993148
Published: 14 September 2014