The 'One hard Bitch' Trilogy

The One hard Bitch Trilogy: is both a thriller and a black comedy, though the subject matter is far from funny. It chronicles the journey of one Victoria “Vicky” Sterling. Vicky is ever so twisted, ever so downtrodden, to the point that we sometimes don’t know how to empathies. Fortunately for us, she has been written as a vibrant and authentic being, equally repulsive and charming. This starts to define her as a distant, cool, emotionally numb person, albeit one with a capacity for violence. With all the tests and trials through her life, Vicky becomes the strongest woman who after doing years in prison for murder, ends up with the power to run London, and make a mockery of the British justice system. Hard Bitch is a twisted but hard to put down fiction. It’s equal parts fun, creepy, twisted, measured and entertaining. Perfect for lovers of adult fiction. The themes may be shocking, violent at times and oh-so-definitely adult, but the truly unique way that they have been written will keep the reader engaged nonetheless.
ISBN: 9781786974839
Type: Hardback + Dust Jacket
Pages: 346
Published: 17 November 2016
Price: $22.30

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